Aligning Digital Solutions To Business Outcomes

Our long-term Clients trust us to be experts in business consultation and innovative technologies. This may take the shape of defining Enterprise Architecture Strategies, Migrating Systems and Applications to the Cloud; Program/Project Management for large, complex technology solutions, and helping in all phases of capture, acquisition and procurements. Whatever the need, our team will work to understand the challenges and recommend the fit for purpose solutions.

We bring our extensive industry experience and our team of certified technology and business consultants to deliver demonstrable business outcomes for our Clients. Our proven methodologies foster efficiency, increased productivity, and operational cost saving to organizations.

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Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Solutioning

Defining and aligning efforts towards an Enterprise Architecture Strategy is imperative for an organization to gain operational efficiencies across large programs. Ollivian Technologies has the technical acumen to help define the vision and solution demonstrable steps towards implementing the target strategy.

Project/Program Recovery

Large complex programs lend themselves to unforeseen obstacles and barriers to implementation. Government constraints, technical environments, insufficient resources all contribute to Project/Programs being in jeopardy of success. Ollivian Technologies can help you identify root-cause factors and quickly lead a project recovery initiative of any size following our proven recovery methodology.

Acquisition & Procurement

Ollivian Technologies offers cradle-to-grave acquisition and procurement services for both private sector and government. Our staff has assisted our clients in all aspects of the government contracting areas. We provide Proposal Development and Management Support, GSA Schedules Management, Contracts Management and Administration Support.

Program Management/ePMO Support

The key to effective program management is experience, knowledge, and certification. At Ollivian Technologies, we offer personnel with subject matter expertise, certification, and hands on technical background. Understanding technology and project management enables us to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients.

Ollivian Capabilities

We have delivered great value to our Clients. We specialize in the following technical areas.

  • Agile/SAFe Methodologies

    Organizations leveraging the SAFe approach for scaling Agile see significant improvement in productivity, quality, and time to market. Ollivian Technologies Management Team is well versed in SAFe but doesn't take the purist stance. We believe it is critical to leverage the right parts of the SAFe framework at the right time to achieve successful transformative business growth.

  • Infrastructure and Cloud

    Cloud Migrations are complex and require a comprehensive understand of the landscape which is constantly evolving. In order for your organization to truly benefit from the cloud, planning has to take into consideration all the organizational constraints (expertise, resources, maturity); all the interdependencies have to be mapped, and the timing for each part of the migration has to be perfect to avoid disruption of current business operations. Ollivian Technologies has helped organizations transition to the cloud and is ready to help you on this journey.

  • DevSecOps / CI/CD Pipelines

    Alongside Agile and SAFe, our Management Team can help mature your organization's DevSecOps approach. Defining the correct tool sets, establishing re-usable pipeline templates, and incorporating industry best practices are just a few ways we can help your organization achieve higher code quality and optimized delivery.

  • Business Development

    Ollivian Technologies has industry hardened experts to help in all aspects of proposal development, management, volume leadership, writing, graphics, desktop publishing, and production support - virtual or on-site. We specialize in Proposal Center Design and Management by helping your organization design and manage day-to-day operations of your bid and proposal center and/or task order response centers to maximize resource utilization and help establish a winning culture based on business capture best practices.

  • Strategy

    Ollivian Technologies specializes in the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals. Depending on the scope, Ollivian can tailor a delivery program to fit your needs. Ollivian can provide project-oriented work when you want us to own an outcome; Expert/Advisory roles for individual SMEs and senior-level assistance; and Strategic Staffing for execution-oriented tasks or roles.

  • Industry Knowledge

    Our management team has the technical accument surrounding many Federal Agencies and Industries to include: DoD and VHA Healthcare Systems, DoD and VA Managed Care Support Systems, Veterans Benefits Administration, Federal Law Enforcement, NATO and various Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies.

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